ELSEBETH PETERSEN (PERRY) DRM, DLT (Casley-Smith), CDT (Foldi), Dip Ed.

Certified Instructor of DLT (Casley-Smith method)
Director of C-SI (Australasia)
Certified Therapist CLT (Casley-Smith), Adelaide, Australia & Atlanta, USA.
Certified Therapist CDT (Földi Klinik, Hinterzarten, Germany)
Founding member of Casley-Smith International
Member of Australasian Lymphology Association
Member National Lymphoedema Practitioner Register
Member Australian Traditional Medicine Society
Member Association Massage Therapists 
Advocate for complementary medicine practitioners and massage therapists

Elsebeth Petersen is the Director of Casley-Smith International (Australia) and Co-Director of Casley-Smith International (Australasia), both of which offer health professionals accredited training in the management of lymphoedema.*

Elsebeth trained as a therapist and instructor, directly under the guidance of Dr Judith Casley-Smith, who together with her world renowned husband started the first lymphoedema association in the world (Lymphoedema Association Australia). The Casley-Smith (C-S) course in Lymphoedema Management was the first such course in Australia. Elsebeth has continued and progressed their educational work since 1998.
With over 40 years experience in education (primary; secondary; tertiary; public and private), Elsebeth’s passion for facilitating learning has not abated. Most recently working overseas with translators and communicating via creative and spontaneous methods, Elsebeth’s capacity to read and reach her students is paralleled by her extensive reputation and the demand for her classes in the East. Having been born in Hong Kong, teaching in the East has been personally fulfilling and welcomed as a return “home.”

Elsebeth has been running lymphoedema training courses for over 15 years and has trained hundreds of health workers to become qualified lymphoedema practitioners.

Elsebeth has been in clinical practice since 1993 and offers all aspects of DLT, but focuses mainly on manual lymphatic drainage. The practice aims to complement services provided by Australia’s health system. Both public and private patients are welcomed. Clients are referred on, if similar services are available freely, or when treatment lies beyond her scope of practice e.g. investigative tests, wound care etc. Elsebeth is listed on the National Lymphoedema Practitioner Register.

ANDREA MANGION APA Titled Cancer and Lymphoedema Physiotherapist.

Certified Instructor of DLT (Casley-Smith method)
Director of C-SI (Australasia)
Certified Therapist CLT, NSW, Australia
Titled Cancer and Lymphoedema Physiotherapist (APA)
Honorary Lecturer at Macquarie University
CERT IV Training and Assessment
Member of Australasian Lymphology Association 
Member of the National Lymphoedema Practitioner Register
Member of Cancer, Lymphoedema and Palliative Care APA group
Advocate for physiotherapists

Andrea Mangion is the Co-Director of Casley-Smith International (Australasia) which offers health professionals accredited training in the management of lymphoedema.*

Andrea was first trained in DLT 2009 by Physiotherapists, Brenda Lee and Patricia Evans (135 hour training). Andrea sought further training internationally including at the word renowned Földi Klinik, in Hinterzarten, Germany, Sweden with Professor Brorsen on the liposuction technique for lymphoedema and in Finland to learn about negative pressure treatments for lymphoedema. 

Andrea was able to develop her clinical skills by working as a lymphoedema therapist and team leader at Mt Wilga Private Hospital, Australia's largest inpatient program for lymphoedema which was modelled on the world renowned Földi Klinik. 

Andrea is the Director of Health Education on Lymphoedema Online (HELP Online) Australia's first self-help online education website on lymphoedema for patients.  

Andrea is listed on the National Lymphoedema Practitioner Register and works clinically in a private practice in Hornsby, New South Wales. Andrea consults for reputable companies on garment prescription to assist qualified lymphoedema practitioners in their garment prescription skills.

Andrea has been running lymphoedema training courses for over 9 years and has trained hundreds of clinicians to become qualified lymphoedema practitioners. From 2017-2020 Andrea managed the lymphoedema education program at Macquarie University.

*Accreditation is through the Australasian Lymphology Association, and Casley-Smith International.

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