Frequently asked questions

Do you have a COVID contingency plan?
Yes. Our October 2020 was able to run with our COVID safe plan in place. We will abide by all government and industry standards for our early 2021 courses.  
Is the course fun?
Yes. We try to make the practical component of the course as enjoyable as possible. Laughter and giggles are encouraged.  
What is your online experience like?
We are incredibly proud of our online learning platform! You have 4 months of access to our platform so you can learn before the course and then have a few months to re-watch videos after the course. A behind the scenes photo is below. 
Do you accept massage therapists?
Yes. Elsebeth has trained hundreds of massage therapists to become qualified lymphoedema therapists and advocated successfully for their inclusion rights as members of the Australasian Lymphology Association and as qualified therapists on the National Lymphoedema Practitioner Register (NLPR). Our Courses page details our inclusion criteria. 

Do you accept other health professions?
Yes. We accept anyone that meets our inclusion criteria. Our courses are commonly attended by General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Remedial Massage Therapists and Registered Nurses, whom are all currently eligible for listing on the NLPR. The ALA is making changes as to whom can be listed on the NLPR, and in 2021 other health professionals that provide much necessitated services to patients with chronic oedema, such as podiatrists and osteopaths, will be eligible. You are encouraged to  contact the ALA if you require further information on which health professions are accepted by the ALA. 

Do I need to re-accredit every few years after the initial training?
No. Once you receive your certification your certificate does not "expire." You are encouraged to stay current and participate in ongoing learning activities as you are required to do so by your professional association such as AHPRA, AMT, ATMS and MAA. 

What method of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is taught?
Dr Judith Casley-Smith used to answer this question with questions designed to challenge your clinical reasoning. Elsebeth has quoted as her saying: "What are you working on? Don’t be mechanical! Use the pressure you need, to resolve the bruise, the oedema, the fibrosis, the cording, or the lymph in the initials, collectors, or nodes, or the fluid in the tissue spaces. Use the part of your hand that works well for the area in need, which means that sometimes you may be using a whole palm and other times, just fingertips. Think about what you are doing throughout the treatment session. The patient’s body is changing as you work and changing from one visit to the next. A set pressure or stroke just lets you sleep on the job!”

"The biggest attraction I have to performing MLD is mindfulness whilst working!” Elsebeth Petersen
We do not teach one branded method of MLD nor rely on imaging methods, such as ICG, as these are unavailable in the clinical setting and you must rely on your own palpation skills. So, we teach a range of methods and the latest in evidence-based information, so that you can endlessly vary MLD to suit the patient. 

Do you teach us about indocyanine green lymphography (ICG green or ICG lymphography)?
Yes. We teach you about lymphoedema imaging and show videos of how the method is used. On our "About Casley-Smith" page we show a video by the President of Casley-Smith International using ICG. 

Were you trained by Dr John or Judith Casley-Smith?
Yes. Elsebeth trained directly under Dr Judith. 

Is the course practical?
Yes. It is a requirement of course completion that you join in all practical sessions. Techniques such as bandaging and MLD need to be taught and practised "hands on." You will practice on your peers in the classroom. 

Will I receive a set of bandages?
Yes. Every student will take away their own set of short stretch bandages used in the practical sessions for multi-layer lymphoedema bandaging. In the class you also make your own foam templates and chip bags. You can also take these away with you to use as templates within your clinical practice.

Is garment prescription covered?
Yes. Andrea is very experienced in garment prescription. You will learn about ready to wear as well as custom-made garments. You can then seek further training on garment prescription depending on your needs. 

Is there anything more to pay?
No. Once you pay your course fees, everything else, such as your online learning and bandages, are included.

What is not included?
Lunch on Days 2-5. There is a nearby cafe as described on the Courses page. 
ALA or other professional membership is not included in the course. Flights and accommodation are not included in the course. 

What happens if I fail the course?
We manage any students that are struggling privately and with care, and can discuss your needs on a 1:1 basis. We offer private tuition and ongoing mentoring or you can make up sessions at our next lymphoedema course. The fee involved will depend on your needs.

Will I learn how to set up my own lymphoedema business?
We provide information on models of care for lymphoedema and give you tips such as necessary paperwork and insurances, equipment to purchase and revenue generation models. We use our own experience in private practice to help guide you. We are not, however, financial or business advisors and therefore cannot help you directly establish your own business. We recommend that you seek the expertise of a business/financial professional for any issues or questions relative to this.
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